Special Needs Patients

At Lindsey A. Robinson DDS Pediatric and Endodontic Dentistry in Grass Valley CA, we work with children that have a wide range of needs. Many children (including patients diagnosed with high anxiety) can benefit from a graduated introduction to dental visits and dental care, particularly if it is their first experience.

The Special Needs Child

A knowledgeable dentist can help prepare you and your child for changes in oral structures, issues with feeding, and future development changes.

Some children lack the ability to fully open their mouths due to jaw development and may have difficulty brushing and flossing regularly, leaving them at risk for developing cavities. Children with sensory challenges may be averse to the texture or sensation of toothpaste and a toothbrush. Other children may have a limited diet higher in sugar which can affect oral development.

Finding a Grass Valley pediatric dental team that listens, becomes a therapeutic partner, and has resources available to families is key in establishing a life-long relationship toward the health of your child.

Sedation Dentistry

For children with special needs or high anxiety, our Grass Valley pediatric dental office provides several methods of sleep dentistry to calm their fears; call our office at (530) 272-5522 to learn more about sedation dentistry. You can also read more about our Sedation Dentistry.