Root Canal

Bang! Goes any fond hopes of enjoying your favorite foods if you leave your tooth infections to get worse, form abscess, and spread throughout the tooth root system. However, thanks to the advancement in medical technology, you can now undergo procedures to restore your ailing tooth to its glory days. Here’s a look at one of these procedures: The root canal treatment.

Meaning of Root Canal Treatment?

This treatment is both a procedure and therapy performed on the infected dental pulp to restore one’s natural tooth. The procedure involves elimination of infection, filling of the decontaminated crevices. The therapy follows the procedure and involves managing the pain using pain relievers and observing dental hygiene to stop the microbial invasion.

The dental pulp is the soft chamber in your tooth within which blood vessels, nerves, and tissues lie. If tooth decay erodes and exposes the nerves, your tooth becomes sensitive to hot and cold foods. Root canal treatment therefore involves:

  • Removing the nerve root from the aching tooth.
  • Treating the diseased pulp involves some shaping, cleaning, and elimination of bacteria.
  • Filling of the cleaned canal using substances such as eugenol-based cement.

Before the treatment, you will be given an anesthetic so you won’t feel the pain.

Benefits of Root Canal

The treatment focuses on the infected pulp to eliminate causes of tooth sensitivity while preserving the natural tooth too. If the procedure fails, you can get a redo to fix the problem. The benefits of the treatment, therefore are:

  • Helps to save an infected or damaged tooth.
  • Helps to fix the cracks and faulty crown in your tooth.
  • You get to take a bite at your favorite foods again.
  • Helps to fix the need for frequent dental check-ups.
  • By fixing your tooth, an endodontist fixes your smile too.

The treatment is, therefore, a necessary procedure to well preserve your natural tooth; but how do you know if you need to undergo the treatment?

When you should get a Root Canal Treatment

Well, if you realize that your dental pulp is infected then you need to treat the canal otherwise you’re not going to like the pain and discomfort of such conditions.

You will mostly tell if you need the root canal treatment procedure if you experience: pain while chewing, pimples on your gums, tender gums, deep decay, tooth sensitivity, cracked tooth, and more. If you experience any of the above pains, get a root canal treatment soon.