Endodontic Retreatment

A root canal is often the only treatment that is needed to take care of a damaged or infected tooth, but this is not always the case. There are instances where root canals either do not fully correct the problem or issues crop up after the procedure is completed. If this happens, don’t panic. There are still treatment options available, and it still is possible to save that tooth. An endodontic retreatment is often all that is needed to take care of the issue and make sure that the tooth is healthy once again.

At , we offer endodontic retreatments to our patients when they are needed. This procedure treats the same area of the tooth – the pulp and root section – that was treated during the root canal, but we go over the previously treated area to help preserve your natural tooth.

When Endodontic Retreatment Is Necessary

Most of the time, root canals do not cause any issues, and it is possible enjoy a healthy tooth after the procedure is complete. However, there are rare instances where problems arise after a root canal is performed. In some instances, the tooth does not heal properly after the root canal and will have to be treated again. There also is a slight risk that the infection will come back or that a tiny pocket of it was missed during the previous procedure. In these instances, it must be dealt with quickly and effectively to prevent future problems.

What Happens During an Endodontic Retreatment

An endodontic retreatment is quite similar to a root canal. The first step is removing the crown over the tooth to expose the pulp underneath. Once the crown is out of the way, we will look over the area for any potential problems. After locating any issues with the tooth’s health, we treat any infection or damage and examine the rest of the inner tooth and root structure to be sure they are in good shape. Lastly, we refill the pulp area with more filler and often put a crown on at the same time.

Most endodontists do not handle crowns, but since our office has both a dentist and an endodontist, it is often possible to get a crown applied the same day rather than leaving your tooth protected by a temporary filling before treating it. This promotes a healthier tooth and reduces the risk of complications occurring after the procedure. It is one of the many benefits that patients enjoy from visiting our office for their endodontic needs.

We only recommend endodontic retreatment if a root canal fails, and it is often the best way to save your tooth or your child’s tooth. The procedure is simple and performed by our staff with the utmost care. If you believe that you are having trouble with a past dental procedure or your child is dealing with dental pain, we encourage you to contact our office at (530) 272-5522 and have your teeth checked out to make sure everything is alright.