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Preparing for your Child's First Visit to the Dentist

Your child's first visit at Lindsey A. Robinson DDS Pediatric and Endodontic Dentistry This may surprise you, but The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends that a child has their first dental appointment by their first birthday or within six months after their first tooth erupts. These first appointments will be to establish a positive working relationship between parent and Lindsey A. Robinson, DDS, review any necessary information, discuss habits, and offer education. Our team at Lindsey A. Robinson DDS Pediatric and Endodontic Dentistry recognizes the importance of early routine for long-term success.

Teething and Milestones

A huge amount of work is occurring in your child’s mouth through their early years. From incoming primary teeth to incoming permanent teeth, their oral health is of great importance. We will want to look for indications of possible problems and make predictions of their future oral health, including possible decay and bite issues.

First visit for younger patients
The first dental visit for toddlers is mainly for information and beginning those new threads toward establishing a level of comfort with our office. Most of our initial appointments young patient visits will include the following:
•  Information: Much like your pediatrician appointments, we will want to review your child's medical history. We may ask questions about your pregnancy, their birth, food habits, and any relevant medical related information.
•  Development: From teeth development or overall development, we will want to establish a base of information of your child. This may help us predict information for their future oral health success.
•  Oral Habits: From thumb sucking to drinking from a bottle, to teething - we will want to know your child's oral habits. This may help us note your child's bite, or indications of how their teeth come together.
•  Education: We will show the parent how to clean your child's teeth or gums, based on where they are in their tooth development. We will give you a chance to practice in office. Following cleaning, we will offer specific advice about at home hygiene, diet and the use of toothpaste and other fluorides. Before the appointment is over, we will tell you what to expect as your child develops more teeth.

When should children get their first dental X-ray?

There is no specific age of when a child should start getting a digital x-ray. The standard is age 5 to 6, though it could be sooner if the need comes up. Based on the information given at each appointment, Lindsey A. Robinson, DDS will determine the risk factor for decay or other dental problems that may indicate the need for an x-ray to spot hidden problems. Some risk factors may include patients who are prone to baby bottle tooth decay or patients who have medical necessity such as a cleft lip or cleft palate.

As your child begins to get their permanent teeth, x-rays can then play an important role in seeing development, how the teeth are coming in, and spot any potential bite problems. X-rays also assist in determining if teeth are free of decay, clean and healthy.
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