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Drs. Lindsey Robinson and Steve Murphy are providing this blog as an educational resource to our patients and the community. Our hope at Lindsey A. Robinson, DDS is that our blog will cover subjects that you and your family may be interested in.

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Would Your Child Benefit From Wearing Teething Jewelry?
Posted on 3/13/2018 by Lindsey A. Robinson DDS Office
Teething happens when the baby starts growing its first teeth. You may see signs of teething between 6 months and 2 years old. Your child may experience a lot of discomfort in the gums during this time. Just before the new tooth shoots out of the gum, there may be soreness and pain. It is considered to be the leading cause of discomfort in children below the age of two. One of the solutions to teething problems in children is teething jewelry. Safe for Kids The sensation of discomfort compels the child to chew everything around them. Children with teething problems will reach out for blankets, sheets, books, and clothes to chew on, as a way of dealing with the sensation of soreness and pain in the mouth. Pressure on the gums helps to provide some relief. There are some toys that are designed for children to chew on. These toys are made from materials that are safe for your child. For example, some are made from 100 percent food grade silicon, even though they can also be made from materials such as wood. Silicon accessories are preferred because they are easy to clean and do not support the growth of microorganisms. Teething Jewelry is Great for Nursing The accessories are often designed to be worn by the parent around the neck. This makes easy to carry and keeps it within the reach of your child. They are often in bright colors which helps to capture the attention of the child. Teething can cause a lot of fussiness in children and be stressful for parents. However, the problem often last for a few days. During this time, teething accessories will make the child feel more comfortable before the soreness disappears. These accessories will also help facilitate faster growth of healthy new teeth. If your child has any related problems, call or visit our pediatric offices today....

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