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Baby Teeth Crowns in Grass Valley CA

Baby Teeth Crowns in Grass Valley CAA common thought among parents is that it is not important to preserve a decayed baby tooth because the child will shortly replace that tooth with a permanent one. This is not true. Saving your child’s primary teeth, sometimes with a dental crown, is important to your child’s long term dental health. Lindsey A. Robinson, DDS, along with our staff at Lindsey A. Robinson DDS Pediatric and Endodontic Dentistry can promote oral health, retain a good bite and promote the correct bite as permanent teeth begin to erupt, by protecting and restoring your child’s primary teeth.

Why do I want to help my child save their baby teeth until the permanent tooth is ready to come in?

Protecting your child's primary teeth is important because baby teeth play a crucial role. Your child grows at an astounding rate, physically, mentally and socially. Their teeth have a place in this growth. Baby teeth:
•  Speech: Baby teeth assist your child in developing proper speech. Missing teeth can lead to speech impediments, including slurs, being able to articulate, and not developing certain sounds correctly such as the "th" sound or the "v" sound.
•  Chewing: Proper nutrition is so important in these younger years. Baby teeth help your child chew the foods they need for nourishment during these rapid periods of growth. In addition, chewing is an exercise for your mouth, it builds up bone mass in their jaw, and strengthens their jaw. If your child avoids certain foods due to lack of teeth, they are not building up those muscles.
•  Placeholder: Your child's baby teeth serve as a placeholder for the permanent teeth that have yet to come in. In order to assist your child in developing a proper bite, the permanent teeth need to have the correct amount of space to erupt. The baby teeth reserve this space. If a baby tooth is missing, this allows room for teeth to drift and shift, closing the space needed, leading to permanent teeth erupting improperly.

Lindsey A. Robinson, DDS understands that if your child has a badly decayed primary tooth, a stainless steel dental crown, which serves as a cover for the damaged tooth below, may be the best solution.

How is the dental crown placed?

Placing the dental crown is a simple process. Lindsey A. Robinson, DDS will begin with removing the decayed portion of the tooth. Because we know that this is not a long-term restoration, a prefabricated stainless steel crown is fitted over the tooth, encasing it and protecting it until the permanent tooth is ready to come out to replace it. Your child will have better long term oral health from choosing to protect this baby tooth.

Early Oral Health

There are some long believed incorrect thoughts on dentistry and children. We are hoping to correct these ideas through education that begins with the parents of our young patients. Starting young, meeting with Lindsey A. Robinson, DDS often, and establishing a daily oral hygiene habit can help your child have lifelong dental health.
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