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What Happens if an Early Cavity Goes Untreated?

Posted on 9/25/2018 by Lindsey A. Robinson DDS Office
What Happens if an Early Cavity Goes Untreated?Oral health is very important, especially in children. Parents must teach children proper oral health habits, from brushing teeth to flossing. Parents also must ensure that children attend dental appointments so that any issues can be found early on and tended to accordingly. T

he main dental issue for children is cavities. Cavities must be detected early so that treatment can be provided and no future issues arise from those cavities.

The Risks Of A Cavity

If a cavity goes undetected, it can lead to oral health problems during adulthood. A cavity begins as a hole or damage to the structure of the teeth. A cavity is essentially tooth decay and can develop due to bacteria that changes sugar and starch into acid and then harms the teeth.

Over time, a cavity can lead to a tooth abscess, which is an infection in the mouth or destruction of the tooth pulp. The end result is the need for the tooth to be pulled.

When one tooth must be pulled due to cavity leading to an infection, it can lead to more teeth having to be removed. The end result is that healthy teeth are no more, and the child is an adult with several oral health problems.

Early Detection And Prevention Are Key

The goal is to find cavities early on, during childhood, and then treat the cavity to ensure no further damage. The earlier a cavity is detected and treated, the less damage will occur. A cavity is usually treated with a filling, crown or root canal depending on the level of severity.

Always schedule dental appointments twice a year for cleanings and a review of children's teeth. Practice good oral health with your children by brushing and flossing teeth twice a day. Learn more about children's dental health and caring for cavities by contacting our office today. We are happy to provide information to ensure quality oral health for your child.
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